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Pixel list

The order of purchase is correct and everyone is listed - but the date and amount of pixels may be off by a bit because I was swamped with orders and couldn't keep track.

Date of purchase
2008-02-11Andrew Gwozdziewycz900
2008-02-11Digital Photography Blog | Photub900
2008-02-12Campus Stocks9000
2008-02-12Free Indie Music3000
2008-02-14The personal blog of Matthewcod: books, running, comedy900
2008-02-15Felix Salmon's MarketMovers.org11000
2008-02-20We pay our analysts peanuts, so that you and I can dine on gold-plated caviar nuts.9000
2008-02-20Get paid 36% of the seller's fees whenever you buy anything on ebay. No catches!7200
2008-02-20What’s happening now8000
2008-02-21We train our analysts young: www.blog.fallondpicks.com8800
2008-02-22Rate and review your favorite investing books.8800
2008-02-20We pay our analysts elephants, so that you and I can dine on gold-plated caviar nuts.6600
2008-02-25Things that taste good get swallowed more often. Taste good.9000
2008-02-28koen's ride9000
2008-02-28Save Lives, Go Veggie.9000
2008-02-28Presumptuous, opinionated and correct.9000
2008-02-28See your name written in Japanese!9000
2008-02-28stop inflationary spirals; use our robot vacuum which spirals instead!9000
2008-02-28Discover what your dreams mean!9000
2008-02-28Xbox Overdose: Come Get Your Fix!9000
2008-02-28singer/songwriter laura helde - get some good music for free9000
2008-02-28The Anonymous Photo Project: A project of discovery, and chance.9000
2008-02-28figital: it's like digital, but with a little f9000
2008-02-28Proskenion- Research Beyond Physicality9000
2008-02-28Citadel Studios, for the best in indie games!9000
2008-02-28fixedgear bahnrad koeln9000
2008-02-28AT&T: Eavesdropping. Delivered.9000
2008-02-28twoeightnine design9000
2008-02-28The finest placebos on the market, shipped in large well-labeled boxes.9000
2008-02-28The Slugatarium - tune out, turn off, ooze in9000
2008-02-28Weekly Grocery Store Ads Blog9000
2008-02-28^&#$!? Now that's the stuff!9000
2008-02-28Fleuron Press | Fine Design + Paper Goods9000
2008-02-28Radio Shows on MP3 CD - Free Shipping9000
2008-02-28Logo Design9000
2008-02-28Twice yearly fiction delivery system. It's made of paper, Paper!9000
2008-02-28stop smoking now!9000
2008-02-28Books, crafts, and activities for girls9000
2008-02-28Lovecraft, Poe, Pierce, James9000
2008-02-28Tea Bag says HELLO to all his fans!9000
2008-02-28Pilotcast - The Aviation Podcast Show for Pilots, by Pilots9000
2008-02-28Aussie Nintendo News and Reviews9000
2008-02-28Over 100 types of psychic readings9000
2008-02-28music performance graphics9000
2008-02-28Salami, Sausages, Risotto Balls, Vancouver Canada9000
2008-02-28Dream interpretations by a psychology expert9000
2008-02-28The fastest growing money making concept on the web - by far.9000
2008-02-28Coaching for Life Mastery9000
2008-02-28My box of cruft9000
2008-02-28Eat well and prosper!9000
2008-02-28Vote Obama - Don't get fooled again!9000
2008-02-28An experiment in networked storytelling9000
2008-02-28The original source of Miracle Fruit - we mail worldwide!9000
2008-02-28Some Art9000
2008-02-28BAM! I hunted a beefalo!9000
2008-02-28If you're not with the lulz, you're with the terrorists.9000
2008-02-28Stock Market Futures Commodities Forex Currency price end of day data9000
2008-02-28Seamonster Comic9000
2008-02-28Neural Market Trends9000
2008-02-28Muchachada Nui y La Hora Chanante en LHC.es9000
2008-02-28Muchachada Nui y La Hora Chanante en LHC.es9000
2008-02-28the library despot, random acts of librarianess since 20039000
2008-02-28Too Much Nick9000
2008-02-28Verison Zero Zero : The Musings of a SysAdmin9000
2008-02-28Really...It's a Golf Blog, don't come looking for Rough Sex9000
2008-02-28Where is my ball?9000
2008-02-28Gui Leite Podcast9000
2008-02-28Tip the world over on it's side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles9000
2008-02-28O mais querido / The most popular / Clube de Regatas do FLAMENGO9000
2008-02-28Bootcamp Media - Online advertising network9000
2008-02-28Bringing Employers and Recruiters Together9000
2008-02-28The original source of Miracle Fruit - we mail worldwide!9000
2008-02-28The inverse scientific knowledge taken literally9000
2008-02-28You're only as strong as your password...9000
2008-02-28there isn't room on the server for the both of us!9000
2008-02-28yaya sheshe - artist blog9000
2008-02-28LoftyInspirations.com Modern furniture at classic prices.9000
2008-02-28Get Dish Network Deals9000
2008-02-28Muchachada Nui y La Hora Chanante en LHC.es9000
2008-02-28Mail Ben Adams!9000
2008-02-28click for inevitable disappointment9000
2008-02-28Free site headers from LogoPixy9000
2008-02-28Paul Howard9000
2008-02-28Boynas Networks!9000
2008-02-28The shadiest cult in town!9000
2008-02-28Liquor & Fish - together again.9000
2008-02-28You, me and the bus.9000
2008-02-28I'm not a fan of this!9000
2008-02-28Web Design and Coding9000
2008-02-28Come see the Jagged Vision of Your TRUE Destiny9000
2008-02-28Betta Fish9000
2008-02-28Elvenhome: free online games (like Risk) and the homepage of J. Reuben Wetherbee9000
2008-02-28BMovieBooks.com - Reprint and Original Pulp Fiction - Limited Editions9000
2008-02-28stop being such a meancheese!9000
2008-02-28Canon EOS Digital Photography9000
2008-02-28Ridculously Cheap Insurance, Free quotes9000
2008-02-28Borrow Money FAST!9000
2008-02-28Disco Inferno9000
2008-02-28Dance! Dance! With The Gaskets!9000
2008-02-28Gaskets On Myspace!9000
2008-02-28Loose Change Live!9000
2008-02-28Where Gamers come to play -- and get the edge off!9000
2008-02-28Your source of news about the speculative fiction fields.9000
2008-02-28ArcadeBR - O maior portal de fliperama do Brasil | ArcadeBR - The best arcade's website of Brazil.9000
2008-02-28PortalCab.com - O blog do menino do cabeção! =D9000
2008-02-28Free server monitoring!9000
2008-02-28Obrigado por estar ao meu lado em todas as horas. Te Amo, Patrick.9000
2008-02-28Veículos novos e usados.9000
2008-02-28Freeko - fervomaster for a life9000
2008-02-28Homenagem de Carlos Pivotto ao Glorioso Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas9000
2008-02-28Romario + Vasco = Flamengo looser (Viva o Merstre Eurico)9000
2008-02-28Meow Purr Meow9000
2008-02-28 Conteudo gratis sobre concursos publicos no Brasil.9000
2008-02-28Greene Family9000
2008-02-28As melhores legendas para filmes e seriados você encontra aqui!9000
2008-02-28Donovan Adams | Hydrotik Flash Blog9000
2008-02-28Webby's World: Tech from a European view9000
2008-02-282 Girls 1 Cup Parody9000
2008-02-28WTFis - Comedy Blog9000
2008-02-28WTFis - Comedy Blog9000
2008-02-28Virtual Assistant9000
2008-02-28Virtual Assistant9000
2008-02-28The New York Moon9000
2008-02-28The New York Moon9000
2008-02-28stop by and say hi at hellokev.com9000
2008-02-28everybody loves poodles!9000
2008-02-28HA ha! Not to scale9000
2008-02-28Enough Ben Steinery!9000
2008-02-28Vote Glurn9000
2008-03-10Daily Nonsense2700
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